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Patti created such a safe for me to integrate my expression as well as push me outside of my bounds so I can connect better with my clients. Her tips, tricks and really helped me feel more authentic and connected through video. I just really appreciate Patti and all of her work and you should hire her!

Helped me feel more authentic...

KYM JACKSON- Actress & Acting As A Business Coach

Her insight, energy, and connection in these sessions takes you to another world where some higher power comes in through her and heals your heart, body, and soul. I have seen many guides, healers, and shamans and Patti is the one I see the most often. My life is forever improved and I strongly recommend working with Patti to anyone at any level of their evolution. Thank you thank you thank you!

Working with Patti is like walking in a dream. 

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As an artist and creative there is one thing I know: being ready to be ready is VITAL! Leaders like you need to create to be visible and to be empowered.

I am a stand for magic & the power of releasing energetic blocks, healing and divine alignment.  

When women are vibrating at the frequency of love or above they connect with each other and empower the world!

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’

― Albert Einstein

More about me

I understand the pain and suffering that comes from being trapped in a gilded cage built by others opinions and false truths about me. Opinions I believed were reality.  I know the liberation that comes from releasing all these opinions and negative beliefs (what I call energetic holding patterns) and busting out into the light. This is where our super power lives and where we get to create from.

i help women like you tap in to your energetic healing so you can vibrate at the frequency of love or above and as a result become liberated, powerfully connect with each other, and empower the world.

I'm Patti

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This is for you if - your bad AZZ self is ready to intimately excavate for fast action alignment, momentum & results!

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This is for you if you’re ready to commit fully to your healing journey, let go of energetic holding patterns and embrace your true essence, fortify your legacy and create lasting peace, luxury and success in your life!

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JEN WILLIAMSON - REal Estate Agent & Coach

Immediately, when we connected, I felt that I could trust her, that what she was telling me was really in my best interest so I could connect with other people. She coached me how to truly drop into my heart. I believe there was even this Golden Cloak, that just really landed. It made such a difference. She's amazing and guides you to express yourself and to connect in a way that will land.  Coaching with Patti was simply magical!

She knows your spirit!

LORNA SHERLAND - Leadership Coach & Real Estate Agent

I was like “How the hell did she see do that?” She brought stuff out of me that I didn't think I even had. That's just magic. By the time Patti is done with you, you're going to come out of your head and you're going to be truly, amazingly authentic. And that's what your clients are looking for.

Patti was able to see things in my body that I didn't even recognize.

See what my clients have to say

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