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Working with me will tap into your "unstopablility code". You need to understand something. Once we work together and you allow me to intuitively tap into your super power,  there is no going back. It's something you cannot UNSEE.

Once you have this clarity, way of being and eliminates all competition. You can't help winning! And when you win, I win, and for me it doesn't get any better that elevating together.

I understand the pain and suffering that comes from being trapped in a gilded cage built by the opinions of others and false truths about me. Opinions I believed were real (ity). I know the liberation that comes from releasing all these opinions and negative beliefs (what I call energetic holding patterns) and bursting out into the light.

Being liberated beyond the constraints of these false beliefs is true freedom. This is where our super power lives and where we get to create from. Leaders MUST create. Life is an ever expanding moving experience and we get to do it outrageously and powerfully.

energetic life coach, mom, and lover of luxury design

Welcome, I'm Patti.

Let's work together

Home, Family & Community

Core Values:

(guidance | love | support | wealth)

Creativity & Beauty

Spirituality & Vibration


  • 25+ years healing arts & intuitive coaching 
  • Branding & marketing 
  • Sales & new business
  • Award winning advertising 
  • On-camera expert & actress for almost 30 years
  • Producer, director, writer
  • Networking expert
  • Creative development 
  • Design | organizing | staging 
  • Photography & painting


European elegance & bohemian chic



I'm obsessed with...


farmers markets & good clean quality food


 gathering in community especially with my friends & family and getting together powerful creative women

Two of my biggest loves

02  Improv & making people laugh along with me

01  Helping women

Learn more about acting career

To release energetic holding patterns so they can vibrate at the frequency of love or above

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Personalized consulting to transform your life and leave you desiring to make an impact.

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VIP Days

A hands on day intensive where you really step in to your power WITH CLARITY knowing you have all you need to level up.

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