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This is where you will learn how to 
* Be more and do less
* Create your legacy
* Tap into your power within
* Reclaim unstoppable confidence
* Bring balance to your life and work
* Align to your soul identity
* Have more fun
* Learn to form deeper connections 
* Clarify your purpose 
* Attract more abundance, love and joy
* Finally...Claim your worth

You need a strategy and that's where I come in!

Welcome Home.

Your Signature Legacy Frequency 1:1 ELITE Program is designed to walk you through the process of dismantling energetic holding patterns connect you to your Magnetic Vision and move you into Inspired Action.

The powerful momentum you get to create in this program is sustainable and long lasting. It’s time to make the impact you were designed to make in this world.

This is an exclusive opportunity to 

  • Create a powerful foundation from the ground up
  • Zero in on your true LEGACY
  • Harness your niche
  • Stand out and scale your life and business
  • Magnetize the life you love!



Weekly 1:1 Live Coaching w/Patti

Ongoing WhattsApp access to Patti during business hours

Weekly growth exercises 

Designated Assignments each session 

Accountability check-ins w/Patti

Frequency Private FB Group

First access to attend PT Global events throughout your coaching contract

Access to the Magnetic Vision Framework

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Patti created such a safe for me to integrate my expression as well as push me outside of my bounds so I can connect better with my clients. Her tips, tricks and really helped me feel more authentic and connected through video. I just really appreciate Patti and all of her work and you should hire her!

Helped me feel more authentic...

KYM JACKSON- Actress & INDUSTRY Business Coach

Her insight, energy, and connection in these sessions takes you to another world where some higher power comes in through her and heals your heart, body, and soul. I have seen many guides, healers, and shamans and Patti is the one I see the most often. My life is forever improved and I strongly recommend working with Patti to anyone at any level of their evolution. Thank you thank you thank you!

Working with Patti is like walking in a dream. 

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“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

More about Patti

PattI Troisi is an Alignment Coach, International Speaker, Actress and Writer with over 25 years of experience creating transformation for thousands of clients and companies across the globe. Her expertise is energetic healing whereby she teaches and facilitates the release of energetic holding patterns so that they can vibrate at the frequency of “love or above” and create extraordinary, tangible results.

She is the CEO of PT Global, founder of “The Aligned Advantage”, “Next Level Business & Branding”, “The Content Creation Show”, “Quantum Leap Into Riches” and the recurring series “Magnetic on Camera”. She has been seen on international TV and spoken on countless virtual stages and podcasts across the globe. In addition to her signature “Quantum Goddess Circles” & “Success Codes” she consistently holds a space for empowered self expression, deep connection, growth and ultimate personal & team transformation.


JEN WILLIAMSON - REal Estate Agent & Coach

Immediately, when we connected, I felt that I could trust her, that what she was telling me was really in my best interest so I could connect with other people. She coached me how to truly drop into my heart. I believe there was even this Golden Cloak, that just really landed. It made such a difference. She's amazing and guides you to express yourself and to connect in a way that will land.  Coaching with Patti was simply magical!

She knows your spirit!

LORNA SHERLAND - Leadership Coach & Real Estate Agent

I was like “How the hell did she see do that?” She brought stuff out of me that I didn't think I even had. That's just magic. By the time Patti is done with you, you're going to come out of your head and you're going to be truly, amazingly authentic. And that's what your clients are looking for.

Patti was able to see things in my body that I didn't even recognize.

See what my clients have to say

Client results

What I love, what Patti did with me is she made sure that I was in a safe place so that I can step up. I can't even imagine going through life without this. It was just like, Oh, my God. Where have I been? Taking this methodology can only bring you more wealth and abundance, personally and professionally.