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This is by far the most important message I’ve ever sent you! And yes, I may be reading your mind but you and I both know you’re magic so keep reading because this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR TODAY!

Ever notice that no matter what your plans are for your business or your life that sometimes circumstances will come up and everything is thrown off course?

And I mean everything, your website goes down, our phone doesn’t work, your schedule gets totally screwed up, your team members quit …you name it.  

You know what I’m talking about because we’ve all been there. And it SUCKS!

The truth is life is life right?!

This quote by John Lennon says it all…

“Life is what happens to you 
while you’re busy making other plans”   

Not so funny when you’re in the middle of a break down. And… For some reason, everybody who quotes that…says it with a grin on their face, Why? Well, try saying it if you don’t believe me…you WILL smile or at least grin…cause it’s true!

So, here’s the hack that works every time “IF” you are you courageous enough to do it?
When the SH*T hits the fan….


You need to stop everything you’re doing and get quiet.

Turn off your phone your computer, shut the door, close your eyes, go for a walk, sit in a park or go to the beach, sit on your yoga mat and get quiet. Pray, meditate, lay on your back, look at the stars or the clouds going by, listen to the waves and breathe. Because my friend, if you do this, you are going to be OK.  

Turn off other peoples opinions, other peoples good ideas other peoples bad behavior, turn off the voice in your head – that nagging voice that can be so loud sometimes. Turn off your competitive nature and your self righteousness, it is not helping you. Turn off Judgy hurtful bystanders who are not in the arena or who bail when the trenches get muddy.  

Turn it all off and get quiet. And trust yourself enough to know that all the noise is only a distraction and not the truth of who you are or your legacy.

Just get quiet and listen to that small voice inside you whispering from your heart letting you know exactly what your next step is,  

And, even though it may seem so small to even notice my friend…


You are special and you are worthy. Give yourself a big hug and go spread only goodness in the world.  

Love Light & All the good stuff…

Doing this works EVERY single time!